Jetstream Boxes are selling like crazy. Between today and tomorrow I will have shipped out 50 boxes and that’s not including any orders I get tomorrow. Selling Jetstream part time I have made over $10,000 in last three months. It took me a month to sell my first 10 boxes now I’m selling 40 to 80 a month. I stated at the end of October with my mortgage payment money. I’v made that back and a lot more. Just paid cash for a new to us Mercedes for my wife. It took me 3 years to make that much in MLM. Now I’m not putting MLM down at all I have done very well in it. But for today money. I’m loving the Jetstream business. If you’re looking for some today money with a product that just about everyone that buys one with refer others to you. Call me or message me. Find a few distributors to buy from you, retail a few and make some VERY GOOD money. We are gaining momentum come join us.


Last month, I fired Verizon… and now saving $150 on monthly cable bill. I also put an additional $500 plus dollars back into my pocket by not buying DVDs, PPVs, and renting DVDs. Limitless contents. I love my jetstream box it’s a great addition to any household. J. Valiente
Watching a few episodes of one of my favorite shows, growing up, commercial free!! Thanks to the JetStream Box!!
This brings back so many great memories?
What shows would you watch if you had one? Contact me today to get yours, now. An estimated 18.1% of people with NetFlix or Hulu have completely eliminated cable and “cut the cord”. Yet they still pay a monthly fee to have access to these but what if they could access 99.9% of all TV shows, movies, music, sports and PPV all for free!! What percentage would “cut the cord”?
The JetStream Box allows all of this with no monthly fee. Buy the box, plug in and go. Search it, Click it, Watch it!! It’s that simple. Quit paying for TV service!! R. Miller

No more cable bills ever!! Watch what you wanna watch when you wanna watch it! For FREE when you own our Jetstream Box!
Virtually any movie Hollywood or Disney ever made, New ones just out also! Any cartoon ever made, all sports events, we’re even licensed for PPV live events….Yes you an watch the normal TV shows you’re used to watching…
It does more than Roku, Omni, Gbox, AmazonTV…..Ours has a quadcore processor and our patented software made by a longtime Microsoft programmer.
You can log into your Netflix acct…But why? You won’t need it :~))
All you need is an internet connection @ 10mbps…
It’s only a one time $399 charge and that’s it.
There are parental controls…..Yes, I wanted to know too… E. Troutt



I hate commercials! It’s poisoning my family. Nothing worst than wating TV with my children and having a provocative commercial come on. Or going to the Redbox and standing in liner just to find out the movie I was looking for is not there. Then picking a movie and getting busy and forget to rewturn it and getting hit with the high fees. The Jetstream box is great. I get to watch any season of my favorite TV show WITHOUT commercials. Messing with my Jetstream box today enjoying every football game I want to watch without even paying for any kind of NFL package. Sports galore. Watching Finding Nemo with Viviana. Any movie ever at my fingertips. Live TV and past TV shows without commercials. Think it, search it, click it and watch it. Looking for that perfect Xmass gift?? Tired of paying HIGH cable bills. For me I pay $95 for cable TV and Internet also I pay $12.99 a month for net flix. I will keep my internet that cost me $45 a month cancel all cable TV and Netflix that is saving me $62.95 a month at a retail of $399 the box will pay for itself in 6.33 months then FREE TV, Sports Movies and MUCH more… V.  St.Louis




So…I opened up our Jetstream Box and clicked on one of the cartoon gateways…
And it’s like that for every cartoon you can think of! SpongeBob too!
This is awesome if you have kids or grandkids!
No more buying and storing DVD’s!
These are all FREE! …. Eddie T.


Hey Vincent I bought the Jetstreambox a couple of days ago and I gotta tell you I absolutely love it and my family loves it as well, I have a lot of friends and family members asking me about it, and I wanted to ask you what I need to do to become a Distributor with the company, I live out here in California. I believe that I could really help the company sell this product to a lot of people if given the opportunity, if you can please respond to me that would be great, you can also e-mail me if you’d like at




Wow…forget ordering any on demand title ever this box rocks. Even in theater movies are on it. Easy to set up..small but fast. To make things even better when I bought my first box on a Friday night it was at my door by Monday morning. Just awesome!  Damian


I would like to thank Vincent and his team for there outstanding customer service. The prompt response back to an email proves they care truly about this wonderful product! Keep up the great work!!!  Robert



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  1. I absolutely love my jetstream box — It is incredible how many movies are available – and while many are still in the theaters too! – Vincent has been great with any questions I may have about the box — This was a fabulous purchase!

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