Is streaming movies online illegal

Is streaming movies online illegal? NO

Is streaming movies online illegalMillions of people still use sketchy online methods to watch live and recorded TV, whether to save money or time.

“But for the most part online streaming sights from the time you type the website’s name in the browser to the time you press play, three pop-ups as well as weird, sex banners interrupt the search. You’ll also have to navigate the links carefully. Only the large, blue play button will start the video, while the others could take you to outside websites or even start downloading files or programs, which potentially contain viruses.”

In a new Business Insider/Survey Monkey poll focused solely on streaming, 14% of people admitted to streaming unlicensed content. Of the respondents who didn’t stream unlicensed content, 23% said it was because they didn’t know how, and 32% said it was because they think it is illegal.

But is streaming unlicensed content online illegal? Jim Gibson, director of the Intellectual Property Institute at the University of Richmond law school, told Business Insider that streaming online content breaks the law in only two cases.

“When the user downloads even part of a file — called “pseudo-streaming” — it counts as a copy of copyrighted material, which is illegal. And when the user streams content as a “public performance” — namely, when it’s shown to a substantial number of people outside the normal family circle and its close acquaintances — it also constitutes a copyright violation.”

Outside of these cases, accessing unlicensed streamed content is generally legal.

On the other side of the screen, however, uploading or posting unlicensed streamed content is illegal — even if it’s free, according to Gibson. “That’s the most basic part of copyright — protection of your work. When someone uploads a video online, they’re literally making a copy,” he said.

Online streaming sites avoid trouble by not hosting their own content, instead acting as a search engine for links to streamed content, usually embedded from a secondary site. In that case, determining accountability requires the “inducement rule,” a test created in a 2005 Supreme Court ruling which states that a company or website can only be held accountable for distributing unlicensed content if it clearly encourage users to infringe a copyright.

Remember Napster got in trouble? It was because they were telling people to copy their songs and upload then for people to have. Napster was telling people to break the law. Listening to uploaded music is NOT illegal. Music sharing has NOT stopped has it?

“It does very much depend on the marketing and the uses [these sites] are encouraging …. You know, GM can make a car. You can use it as a getaway car in a bank robbery, or you can use it to get work. So we don’t say that GM is on the hook just because it provides a technology that can be used illegally,” Gibson said. The same goes for streaming websites.

How it works is the server sends the episode directly to your computer, bypassing the host site and thus potentially avoiding legal repercussions.

On many of the online sites the video might not play on your computer, since the original file could require software that you don’t have. Even if it works, the quality may well be terrible. If you can’t watch the video or don’t like what you see, then you can repeat the process with another link until you are satisfied. The problem with this is you will have to navigate through the viruses and malware and sex pop ups again. With the Jetstream Box you do NOT have these problems.

Is watching a streaming movie Illegal?

Watching a streaming movie is No more illegal than watching a bank robbery makes you the robber. Have you ever shared a song with someone? That could be illegal. But listening to the song is not illegal.

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