Sales Tools

On this page are Jestream distributor sales tools to assist you in getting the word out and making more MONEY with the Jesttream Box Opportunity.


Coming soon: Website attached to YOU for your customers

With buy now, contact info and sales page.

Coming soon Jetstream Box Sales training audios and videos

All prices are shipping in U.S. included. Also it cost less to do 1000 than 500 so all orderes are 1000. 

You do NOT need to be a distributor of mine to order from my site, but all my distributors get a 10% discount and a FREE website. (when it’s ready)


Jetstream Box Drop cards.

A drop card is a postcard sized card that you can put on cars, on gas pumps, use as a brochure, had out leave with your tip, leave everywhere you go.

#1 – Free TV

free tv







Back NOTE all Backs are the same unless you note that you do not want a back

free tv back







#2 – It’s All FREE

free TV 3








#3 – No Cable Bills








#4 – Watch What You Want

free TV 2



Pick a Style
Name, Phone, Website and/ or??







Door Hangers

NOTE A whole will be cut in black space at top of hanger. Back is blank.

#1 – No Cable Bills


Vincents 4.5 door hanger


























#2 Internet TV




























Select style
Name,Phone,Website or ?????




More to come





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