Why would you need cable to watch TV

Business Insider reports that the cable/satellite industry is “starting to collapse”…

“Dad, why would I need cable to watch TV?” collage student

Why would you need cable to watch TVIn the past month, more than 200 billion videos were viewed online these videos include real, full-length TV shows. In fact, 83% of viewers aged 18-29 say they watch “some, most, or all of their shows online.” And it’s not just a youth phenomenon…more Americans are now watching videos online than on TV. 58% now say they would like to drop their cable bill completely but many of the online movie and TV show sites give you virus or Malware.

NO Cable billsNew Gadgets to the market are now allowing for video and TV streaming. The Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, and Samsung Smart TV can all pull your favorite TV shows directly from the Internet to your TV screen and for a monthly subscription to a TV streaming services you can access movies. The problem with these devices is the monthly fees can fast add up to what your cable or satellite TV cost you now.
New Laws. On the morning of June 12, 2009 all television broadcast signals became digital instead of analog. That means TV shows are now downloadable “data” that we can watch conveniently on a computer, smartphone, or iPad. And, as The Wall Street Journal points out, it also means that the cable and satellite companies are keeping another “dirty secret”…they’re hoping you won’t realize that crystal-clear, high-definition viewing of “most key sporting events and every network TV show” takes nothing more than a new pair of digital rabbit ears!

According to Forrester Research, 45% of households will soon own a device that allows them to shift their viewing by skipping commercials and breaking out of the network programming schedule. Viewers can now make TV a personal experience instead of a mindless “broadcast.”

For the first time in the history of television the percentage of households with a cable or satellite subscription is now declining.

According to Credit Suisse analyst Stefan Anninger, 83.1% of new households are choosing to live without pay-TV.

No wonder Business Insider reports that the cable/satellite industry is “starting to collapse”…

In the old days, TV delivered its promise of great entertainment. It was even free!

Monday night at 9:30 was Andy Griffith. Thursday night at 8:00 was Gilligan’s Island. Sunday night at 9:00 was Bonanza. Bugs Bunny and Captain Kangaroo on Saturday mornings. Frank Gifford and Pat Summerall calling football games. Walter Cronkite reading us the evening news.

But somewhere down the line, that promise was broken. We started paying more and more good money to get less and less good programming. And paying more and more for more channels we never watch.

More than 7 million Americans have already cut the cord.

I mean, millions of Americans dropped newspapers, long-distance telephone service, Home phones, bookstores, traditional stockbrokers, record companies, travel agents, and department stores, even though they were actually quite happy with those businesses. It’s just that something better came along.

But here we are still clinging to this outmoded television delivery technology that we’re all really unhappy with.

Now something better has come along, it’s time to act.

“A new survey from the market research experts at Quixel, showing that 80% of current television owners would be interested in buying an device that merges the power and versatility of a computer with the convenience of a TV.”


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