Jestream Distributorship

Learn how to be a Jetstream Box distributor and make a VERY good income selling the Jetstream Box.

How To Be A Jetstream Box Distributor The Jetstream Box is fast becoming a movement. Consumers are SO excised to finally have options to paying the high prices of Cable and Satellite TV.  People are tired of paying for hundreds of channels and only watching 5 to 10 and still with hundreds of channels nothing worth watching is on. People are tired of bad commercials.

The time is NOW to make a VERY good income selling the Jetstream Box. The Jetstream Box business model is very simple and provids you the dirstibutor the freedom to become a Jetstream Box distributor and you get to choose how much you would like to make.


 How to Become a Jetstream Box Distributor.

The Jetstream Box business model is a direct sales model. The more boxes you buy the lower the price. Each distributor and then sell the Jetstream Box for the retail of $399 or lower if they choose and also find other distributors to sell to. You control what you sell to other distributors and what you sell retail. The only rule is NO selling on Ebay or Amazon or any other sells site at less that the #399 retail price. If you do sell on these sites for less than retail you will be banned from Jetstream. We are doing everything we can to support a level field for all distributors.

 Selling Jetstream Box

I recommend everyone to focus on your local markets and find a few distributors to buy from you and that will give you the ability to buy more at a lower price.


Jetstream Box affiliate program.

I’m working on a Jetstream Box affiliate program where you as an affiliate could sell the Jetstream box and not have to invest in a large quantity but still earn a commission on the boxes. stay tuned for more on the Jetstream Box affiliate program coming soon.

Jetstream Box Distributor prices.

Because every distributor can charge what they want I will not post my price list online and ask you also not to. Remember you don’t want your distributor finding a lower price somewhere. What I will let you know is my prices are the same as I buy at. I buy at a large volume so i DO NOT have to mark them up to distributors. Distributor prices start at $300 to $155 each Call me for more info.

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