Jetstream Box XBMC Update

To update your box to the new XBMC system called Kodi.

Follow these steps to update your Original Jetstream Box’s XBMC

Note: The new Jetstream 4 does not need the update and also if you bought your Jetstream original after 3/1/15 you may not need to do the update.

First thing you need to do is look for the ad-on OTA update

See image

Jetstream Box OTA update

To look for this ad-on go to your home screen and click on MY APPs

Jetstream Box apps

Then look for the ad-on OTA update

Jetstream Box OTA update

It’s NOT this one see below


If you don’t see it look in App Installer. Click on App installer

jetstream box App Installer

Then click on Local Disk

If you do not see it. Do a Channel wizard twice. I recommend looking for the app in the App Installer between each Channel wizard. If you don’t see it after the second Channel wizard turn the box off and back on then look. See below for upload from Flash drive.

After you find the OTA-updater click on it and follow promt. Make sure to select “wipe cache and wipe data”

After the update is done the Jetstream Box will turn off and reboot on it’s own. VERY IMPORTANT: DON’T think you are done and miss the next step. Give it a minute or two and it will start the set up. Go through the set up and connect to your wifi.

VERY IMPORTANT: Don’t miss this step. After you finish set up and connecting to your wifi. Log into XBMC Note it will look different but the link is in same location as before update.

After you log in and you see Video in center of screan click the right arrow until you see SYSTEM

Jetstream Box SYSTEM

Click on System then go to Add-Ons

Jetstream Box Add-Ons

Then go to Install From Zip File

Jetstream Box Install From Zip File

Then click on Jetstream. Nothing will happen that’s OK just give it 30 seconds.

Than the click the return button on the remote to get back to the XBMC main page where System was and click over to left to find Videos. Then click Add-ONs just below videos and then click on Channel wizard and after the Channel wizard is done you are updated.

I hope this helps you. To see the video of the Jetstream Box XBMC update go to

Jetstream Box upload from Flash drive.

If you still don’t see it go to this link and upload the app to a flash drive. To upload to a flash drive go to   and upload to your flash drive. Then insert the flash drive to the side of the Jetstream Box and then go to My App then App Installer see image

jetstream box App Installer

Then click on USB to upload and follow prompt.

8 External storage





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