Jetstream Box Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Jetstream Box legal?

Our Android TV box is 100% legal! All our software does is provide links to content that is already posted on the internet. We do not host any content nor do we know who does. We do not promote illegal conduct of any kind. To read more about this click this link “Is streaming movies online illegal”

Does the Jetstream Box provide software updates?

Yes we periodically provide software updates to enhance our customers user experience. All the Ad-ons them selves will update on their own periodically. Any software updates will also happen automatically as needed.

Can I download Apps and Games to my Jetstream Box?

Yes you can download thousands of apps and games from the Google Play Store and have access to them right on your TV!

Does the Jetstream Box support WIFI?

Yes our Jetstream TV box comes equipped with 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz dual band WiFi for blazingly fast streaming of all your media content.

Do I need an internet connection to use your Jetstream Box?

While you do need an internet connection to stream content from the Internet, you do not need an internet connection to use our TV box. You can use our TV box to play games and use your downloaded apps without an internet connection. Also our TV box comes with 8gb of built in storage, so you can download and store media content for later viewing if you know you will be without an internet connection.

Can I watch Live Sports on the Jetstream Box?

YES you will have access to just about any live sport and many recorded sports. NBA, MLB, UFC,Golf, NHL, NFL, soccer, Collage sports.  You name it you will most likely have access to it. See images below for just a gimps of some of the sports. Click on image to enlarge

Jetstream box sports

NFL live online FREEWatch UFC 183 Silva vs. Diaz FREE Live

Can I watch Pay Preview Live on the Jetstream Box?

Yes you can witch PPV live using the Jetstream Box. The image above is from A UFC pay Preview fight that was accessed FREE and Live using the Jetstream Box.

Can I access TV in other countries?

Jetstream TV BoxYes you will have access to many live channels in countries outside the USA. See image to see just a short glimpse into some of the channels yiy will have in other countries using your Jetstream Box.




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