Best price online for the Jetstream Box

You have two options to buy a Jetstream box. You can buy one for $250 w/FREE shipping if you pay CASH or $275 w/FREE shipping using credit card.

 The Jetstream 4 retails for $499 for a limited time only we have them on sale.

With every box I sell you get the full time customer service from me. I will be there for you when you need help or have issues.
No one beats my support.
I’m long time friends with the owner or Jetstream and the first distributor with the company. I get calls everyday from people that bought on Ebay and Amazon looking for help. The sellers on Ebay and Amazon will NOT be there for you when you need help and you WILL need help.

Please call with any questions.

To pay CASH go to your paypal and send $250 to my paypal as a friend/Gift. {NOT for Services}  My paypal is

To pay with credit card click on link below.









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