Sorry I will no longer be selling Jetstream.

If you’re looking to buy a Jtstream Box I would recommend do a little research there are many other boxes on the market that do the exact same thing for a LOT less. Mike Hagen is a lier and the thief. I’m not sure but guessing the company is going out of business. They are OVER priced and the market has a lot of good boxes at a lot lower price. ALL boxes use XBMC and have the SAME apps available NO need to pay the high price of Jetstream. And if you are looking at their other product Evo TV what a JOKE. OVER priced and sooner of later Mike will screw you. It’s just a matter of time. Save your money do a search on Amazon If you’re looking for a good dealer of a much faster box my friend Brent sells a much better box for less.

For help call the owners of Jetstream

Mike Hagen   714-394-4276

Jack Amoroso   714-553-2636 

 Good LUCK and God Bless

NOTE: If you bought a box from me I will still help you. If you need anything you have my number call me. I am a man of my word unlike Mike Hagen he owes me $1788.90 for an order i placed that he will not ship. I’m thinking the company is going out of business or something. I’m not sure. Call them to see.

I get 5 to 10 calls every day from people that did not buy their box from me. I ALWAYS helped you. Sorry call the company now. Good luck with that.


 It’s been a great 2 years. Many of you have enjoyed my great customers service even if I didn’t sell you the box. But it’s time to move on.


There are many options besides Jetstream that do the same thing and are MUCH cheaper.




Jetstream box

WARNING >>>>  There are a few hacks that have bought a bulk of Jetstream Boxes and do not have the work ethic to market. So they are selling at their cost online on Ebay and Amazon. It is against company policy to sell the Jetstream Box on those sites for less than the retail price of $399. These people that are selling them have NO intention to give customer service to the buyer. Anyone selling on Ebay or Amazon for less than $399 will be terminated from selling the Jetstream Boxes. If you buy from one of these sellers be warned they will NOT answer your questions or give you support. Jetstream is sold only from independent distributors. I get calls everyday from someone that bought online and can’t get any help from their seller. Make sure you are buying from the right person. And if you see it online at less than $399 just understand its from someone getting out of the business and they have NO intention to support you. I am a long time friend with the owners and have been in the direct sales business for over 20 years. We are here for you.
Along with your purchase of the jetstream box from me you get the best in customer service and access to the members only secret page with tips and trick to getting the most out of your Jetstream box. I care about everyone but if you bought your box from someone else and are not getting the support you need. I’m very sorry I will do my best to return your calls, but my customers and team of distributors are my TOP priority. So if you buy somewhere else and can’t get the person to return your calls DON’T call me complaining you get what you pay for. We are here to help you so buy with confidence you will have my cell phone number and access to our staff.


I’m extremely tired of getting phone calls from people that bought on Ebay and the person that sold the box will not return their calls or help them with issues. Save yourself the frustration. I’m matching the Ebay price and you will get ME for support.



Cable and satellite tv packages are expensive, and only seem to go up in price every passing year. Stop wasting your hard earned money on cable and satellite tv packages that you really dont need – just to get to the few channels and shows you actually want to watch. With the JetBox, you literally have the entire spectrum of entertainment at your fingertips. The best part? Its all free.

Watch what you want, when you want it – with no contracts and no complicated monthly bill!



Satisfied customers and distributors


George G. NY – WARNING! take it from me DO NOT buy from Ebay. I bought a box off ebay the person that sold it to me would not return my calls or my messages.I was so frustrated and was getting no support. I was looking online for support to the problems I was having and found Vincent St.louis website I called him looking for help. Vincent asked me to call the person I bought it from. I told Vincent I could not get a hold of that person Vincent was kind enough to help me. I bought a box from Vincent and returned the box on ebay. Vincent is very kind person and gives amazing support. I have contacted Vincent three time for support and has always helped resolve the issues. I love the Jetstream Box and would recommend it to everyone as long as you buy it from Vincent St.louis  PS that Getting Started PDF you supply to all your customers is amazing.


Scott in AL. I bought a Jetstream Box from Vincent a month ago. He asked me to text him when I was setting up the box to let him know then to call him after it was set up to help go over the box. I texted Vincent when i got the box in mail (only 3 days from order) it took my a few minutes to do initial setup. Then i called Vincent and he walked me through the box and in about 10 minutes I was on my way and have had NO problems with the box. It’s all about setting people up for success and Vincent is GREAT. I have since bought 3 more boxes. Thank you Vincent and Jetstream Scott


I got my Jetstream Box in December of 2014.  I cancelled my Comcast bundle because of their ever rising prices.
It’s wonderful, even more than I expected.  All the movies and live television I want to watch…for FREE!
Vincent St Louis has been very patient with me, talking me through some difficulties I had, in the beginning, operating the system.
I would recommend Vincent and the Jetstream Box to anyone!
Phyllis Holman
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  1. Just curious. With JetStream Box do you need to buy a different box for each tv?
    I have a tv in living room and another in the bedroom. Would I need to spend $800.00 to be able to watch tv in both locations?

    • John yes you would need a box for each TV. But it is very easily moved. Many times only one TV is on at a time so you could move it or if you did need to buy more then one I will give you a BIG discount. Call me Vincent 916-798-8508

  2. I would like to thank Vincent and his team for there outstanding customer service. The prompt response back to an email proves they care truly about this wonderful product! Keep up the great work!!!

  3. Wow…forget ordering any on demand title ever this box rocks. Even in theater movies are on it. Easy to set up..small but fast. To make things even better when I bought my first box on a Friday night it was at my door by Monday morning. Just awesome

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