BluTV Box

Warning before you buy a BluTV Box read this.

No need to waist your hard earned money buying the over priced BluTV Box or and Jetstream products including the EVO TV Box.

ALL streaming TV boxes us the FREE XBMC format including BluTVBox. All the owners of BluTV do is buy the T95 Box from China and put their BluTV name on it and jack up the price. do a search on the T95 TV Box. No need to pay the BluTV high price. The market is flooded with streaming media TV boxes. They all run off XBMC. I have a friend in Columbia that sells a box that streams with as low as 5000mbps. Jetstream could never do that. Check out DreamTV Box

So if you’re looking for a great streaming TV box don’t waist your money n a BluTV Box.

T95 Box VS BluTV Box

BluTVBox T95 Box


So if you’r looking to cut the cable and start enjoying TV when you want it and you’r looking at a Jetstream Box or the Evo Tv Box or the new BluTv Box don’t buy the over priced BluTv Box do your research.



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