Why would you need cable to watch TV

Business Insider reports that the cable/satellite industry is “starting to collapse”…

“Dad, why would I need cable to watch TV?” collage student

Why would you need cable to watch TVIn the past month, more than 200 billion videos were viewed online these videos include real, full-length TV shows. In fact, 83% of viewers aged 18-29 say they watch “some, most, or all of their shows online.” And it’s not just a youth phenomenon…more Americans are now watching videos online than on TV. 58% now say they would like to drop their cable bill completely but many of the online movie and TV show sites give you virus or Malware. Continue reading

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UFC fights FREE online live

Looking for a way to watch UFC fights FREE online live?

UFC fights FREE online liveThe UFC and MMA is getting more and more popular but along with the popularity also come the UFC looking for more ways to gouge the UFC Fight fan. Many of the great fights on UFC and MMA are now Pay Preview fights that cost you $60 + to watch the event.

For those looking to watch the UFC fight without paying the UFC Pay Preview charges can now watch UFC Pay Preview live for FREE with your Jetstream Box.


There are options to waiting for the reply or paying the high cost of Pay preview UFC fights. Get your Jetstream Box and watch whay you want when you want with NO monthly fees.

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Streaming TV Live

Streaming TV Live made easy and FREE

Streaming TV Live TV Viewing Slips as Streaming TV Live and Streaming Movies and live Sports Booms. Gains for Online-Video Services Come as Pay TV Shows Early Signs of Decline. Netflix put Blockbuster out of business. Online video streaming is up 60% while viewership of traditional television dropped 4% in the last quarter. The problem with many of the online Streaming sites is you get massive viruses and or malware or you have to deal with porn site or video gaming site ads and popups.
The average person watches more than 4 hours of TV a day, that’s 141 hours of television a month. But that number is down 4% from the third quarter of last year, when Americans on average watched 147 hours a month.
Free Online streaming TV live is up in America.

Meanwhile, Americans increased streaming entertainment to nearly 11 hours a month. The amount of online video watching hours is likely even higher, because they don’t include viewing with gaming consoles or smartphones.

Streaming TV Live

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Streaming Live Sports Online FREE

Ever wish you could watch Streaming live Sports Online FREE?

Streaming Live Sports Online FREEStreaming live sports Online is becoming very popular with all the networks. Streaming live sports is not new and is still being enhanced all the time. With the changes of online video streaming the world of streaming entertainment of all kinds is getting better and better. Youtube, Netflix and many other video and entertainment s sites are continuing to make the files sizes of content smaller and with better quality. Live sports of all kinds are no exception. The streaming of sports online has been going on for many years now. The problem for the average viewer, is they don’t know where to find the live stream and many of the sites that stream have viruses or malware that can crash your computer.
The Jetstream Box media center for live sports
The all new and powerful Jetstream Box brings live sports streaming to your fingertips. Want to watch the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, MMA and more all live for free? Continue reading

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New Jetstream Box apps

The Jetatream Box apps are numerous

New Jetstream Box appsThe Jetstream box just keeps getting better and better.

We are adding new and better apps. The Jetstream Box now has a new app that is amazing. The apps alow you to access the programs, movies and TV you are looking for. We have access to over 1100 apps to enhance your viewing pleasure. The newest app for the Jetstream Box is Phoenex

Today the Jetsream Box brings you PHOENIX was released. When Mashup
went down a couple of weeks ago the cyber world went to work to bring to us an
amazing new app. This app has international live TV inside of One242415. This
app has NFL replays of all of today’s games in HD inside of Woody. PHOENIX is
absolutely awesome! Movie collections, newest movies out, basically anything you
can think of. Perfect timing as we go into Christmas. I hope you share this amazing internet Jetstream box with
everyone you know. This box changed my life financially. I thank all of you with all my
heart. I will continue to support and give you as much value for your money as I

To install the new app on your Jetstream Box go to XBMC, then Addons, then Get more, scroll through the apps to the 2nd Phoenix, click ok, then go back into addons and
you’ll see it.

The secret to success is helping other people achieve want they want. Help
enough people and you yourself will be a multimillionaire.

Have a prosperous week. God bless. Your
Vincent St.Louis

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