Mike Hagen and Sisel review

Sisel reviewWhen I look at a MLM company I look at the product, most MLM’s have good products so it’s not my main concern although a unique product would be nice. In this Sisel review I will look at Sisel’s products. Compensation plan is very important. Does it pay to play. We will look at the Sisel Compensation plan in this Sisel review as well. But to me the main key is leadership. I see a very big problem with a key figure in Sisel’s leadership choices.

Sisel International was founded in 2006. That’s 10 years ago. Obviously they are getting desperate to expand. Recently Sisel brought on Hike Hagen as Sisel’s VP of International Sales. I have worked with Mike Hagen several times and out of my 25 years in MLM Mike Hagen is the most unethical person I have ever met in the whole MLM industry. Read more about Mike Hagen HERE.
Sizel will not last long with Mike Hagen running anything.

So to start this Sisel Review you have to look at leadership. And from my personal interaction with Mike Hagen he is the most unethical person I ever met in my 25 years in Network Marketing. Mike Hagen is a liar and a crook . Sizel must be desperate to add Mike Hagen as their as Sisel VP of International Sales or ANY part of their team. I can NOT believe anyone would hire him in any capacity he must have sold them a PILE of BS and they must be VERY desperate and could not find a true leader.


Chief Inspiration Officer
Vincent St.Louis
Fighting the forces of Mediocrity



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DreamTV Box

All NEW DreamTV Box is it as good as they say?

I have a friend in Columbia was telling me about the DreamTV Box he had. I could not believe what he was telling me about how it streams with onle 5,000 BPM internet speed he liked it so much that he is now selling the box in Columbia. Jetstream could never stream at 10,000 MBPS much less 5,000 MBPS. Check out DreamTV Box HERE

DreamTV Box Description:

If you want to have a smoother experience watching videos or playing games, the DreamTV Box is your best choice. It’s equipped with a Quad Core Mali-450MP GPU, with 8GB ROM and extendable internal memory up to 32GB which allows you to download whatever you like to keep and enjoy.

Apps download freely from Android markets which allows you to have more functions and fun! Continue reading

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Mike Hagen is a Thief

Mike Hagen is a crookMike Hagen; before you do business with him read this.

I have known Mike Hagen for quite some time. I have been in business with Mike Hagen twice. I’m writing this blog post to inform you and to warn you about Mikes Hagen’s shady character and hopefully save you time and money in dealing with him.
If you are looking to do business with Michael Hagen or join him in some kind of MLM, Network Marketing business or any of his JetStream Box, Evo TV, Blue TV or even his newest scam AirTV read this before you join him. Continue reading

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BluTV Box

Warning before you buy a BluTV Box read this.

No need to waist your hard earned money buying the over priced BluTV Box or and Jetstream products including the EVO TV Box.

ALL streaming TV boxes us the FREE XBMC format including BluTVBox. All the owners of BluTV do is buy the T95 Box from China and put their BluTV name on it and jack up the price. do a search on the T95 TV Box. No need to pay the BluTV high price. The market is flooded with streaming media TV boxes. They all run off XBMC. I have a friend in Columbia that sells a box that streams with as low as 5000mbps. Jetstream could never do that. Check out DreamTV Box

So if you’re looking for a great streaming TV box don’t waist your money n a BluTV Box.

T95 Box VS BluTV Box

BluTVBox T95 Box


So if you’r looking to cut the cable and start enjoying TV when you want it and you’r looking at a Jetstream Box or the Evo Tv Box or the new BluTv Box don’t buy the over priced BluTv Box do your research.



Chief Inspiration Officer
Vincent St.Louis
Fighting the forces of Mediocrity



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Jetstream 4

Jetstream 4 review


After 10 months with the Original Jetstream Box. Jetstream launched the new faster Jetstream 4. This box is a very big upgrade to the original Jetstream 2. I still use both Jetstream boxes at my how but the newer Jetstream 4 is a great box. For streaming TV, Movies and Sports the Jetstream 4 is the fastest and most complete Streaming media box available.

The Jetstream 4 is a lot smoother interface and a lot more user friendly. It has a Quad core processor and 1g RAM for faster processing.

One of the main things that set Jetstream Box apart from other streaming media boxes is Jetstream Box is a software company. All Jetstream Boxes come with auto update software that will update any software, firmware and all the apps installed including XBMC. No other box has this capability. Also one of the things Jetstream realized and ALL streaming devices realized is that all the XBMC apps are controlled by their party so they can and have turned off their app to everyone or realized they could charge for it and make you pay monthly to use their channel. Because Jetstream is a software company they have created their own channels, that way they control the longevity of the Jetstream Box. Yes Jetstream 4 has ALL the channels but also have their own.

One of my concerns with the streaming media boxes is what if everyone decides to charge or close down their channel. Now you have a box that does nothing. That’s what I like about Jetstream they also created their own channels to assure the Jetstream Box 4 will be useful for many years to come.

The Jetstream Box 4 is the most advanced streaming media device available.

Jetstream Box 4


Jetstream 4 Key Features


·       Android 4.4 KitKat – It’s Jetstreams goal to make an amazing Android expectance available for the user.

·       Kodi Media Center – Kodi is a media player that allows users to play and view most videos, music and all common digital media files. The Jetstream 4 QUAD-CORE comes with pre-installed KODI, with integrated hardware video decoding.

·       Built in WiFi – The Jetstream Box 4 has a WiFi (2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n) with a great high gain antenna.

·       USB3.0 – is the third version of the Universal Serial Bus standard for computer connectivity. The Jetsream 4’s USB3.0 is more than 10 times faster high speed than the USB2.0.

·       Smart TV remote – All Jetstream Boxes come with a high quality remote.

·       Google Play – The pre-installed play store allows simple installation of your favorite apps.

·       H.265 hardware Decoding – H.265 is a video compression standard successor to H.256. H.265 can double the data compression ratio at the same level of quality and can transfer the same quality video data with half the bandwidth. So Jetstream 4 users enjoy the high-resolution video even at a low-internet speed.

·       4K2K UHD Video Playback – The Jetstream 4 is capable of decoding and playing Ultra HD video, delivering an even clearer and better looking image when watching your media content on larger screens. The 4K2K UHD Video Playback feature smoother edges and depth, producing a more detailed picture and superior viewing experience.

There are so many cool aspects of the Jetstream 4. Last week I took the box to a friend’s house to watch the UFC fights. Just connect to his wifi and BAM! Move the TV outside on the patio or near the pool. NO problem as long as your wifi reaches you got it. Having a yard sale? Don’t want to miss the game. No problem all you need is power and wifi and you get ALL the entertainment you could ever ask for. ALL live sports no need for NFL package. Movies still in theaters, TV shows new and old without commercials 100% all legal.


In conclusion the New faster Jestream 4 is an amazing streaming media box that is set to last you many years. Media Streaming is the wave of the future and Jetstream Box 4 is the box that will support ALL your viewing pleasure.

Call Vincent for special online pricing for the Jetstream 4


Click on image to enlarge

 jetstream box 4jetstream 4




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Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather FREE online

Boxing Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Manny Pacquiao FREE onlineThe Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather on May 2nd 2015

Is going to be the most expensive Pay-Preview fight in history!

And it’s going to be FREE on our Jetstream Box.

US boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. (L) and Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao pose on stage during a press conference announcing their 02 May fight in Las Vegas.

No better time then NOW to get your all new and very fast Jetsream 4

order your Jetsream 4 at http://jetstreamboxinfo.com/buy

and watch the Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather fight for FREE!

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Jetstream Box XBMC Update

To update your box to the new XBMC system called Kodi.

Follow these steps to update your Original Jetstream Box’s XBMC

Note: The new Jetstream 4 does not need the update and also if you bought your Jetstream original after 3/1/15 you may not need to do the update.

First thing you need to do is look for the ad-on OTA update

See image

Jetstream Box OTA update

To look for this ad-on go to your home screen and click on MY APPs

Jetstream Box apps

Continue reading

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What is the Jetstream Box

Jetstream Box is it all that great?

What is the Jetstream BoxJetstream Box review. Tired of paying HIGH cable bills. The Jetstream Box promises to give you unlimited movies, TV shows, sports and ALL network TV channels with NO monthly charges and fees. The Jetstream box gives you 99.9% of every movie ever made. Every TV show, every Disney movie, every cartoon, every doumentary, workout programs, live TV from over 100 countries, 3D movies, every box set, live TV from all the major stations, WWE network, PPVs, google browser, youtube, movies in the theatre, football games, golf channel, concerts, unlimited adult entertainment (yes parental controls you can delete this feature) plus so much more.

Jetstream Box savings; NO monthly fees

For me I pay $95 for cable TV and Internet also I pay $12.99 a month for net flix. I will keep my internet that cost me $45 a month cancel all cable TV and Netflix that is saving me $62.95 a month. The Jetstream box retails for $399 with cancelling my Nedtflix and cable the Jetstream box will pay for itself in 6.33 months then FREE TV, free Sports, free Movies and MUCH more…
Jetstream How does it work
I have been messing with my Jetstream box today enjoying what every show I want to watch. Sports galore. Watching Finding Nemo with my grand baby Viviana. Any movie ever at my fingertips. Live TV and past TV shows without commercials. Think it, search it, click it and watch it. Looking for that perfect Xmass gift?? We now have access to every Duck Dynasty ever. And we get to pick what episode we want to watch and when we want to watch it, not what A&E is showing it. I love the show Gold Rush and American Pickers. Now I can watch it when I want and what show I want to watch. ALL with NOOOOO yes I said NO monthly bill. Buy the box and that’s it.

Jetstream box uses streaming over internet

Streaming is not new but it is still in the new stages of creating. Netflix basically put Blockbuster out of business streaming movies. I’m not saying Jetstream box will put any business out of business what my point is, is that the technology is here and Jetstream is taking advantage of it.
Jetstream runs on

Android 4.2.2Jetstream
JetStream’s Streaming Media Players seamlessly combines live TV and the best in streaming entertainment – bringing more hit shows, movies, music and more to your TV.
1080P Full HD Video Decoding, and Most Video Formats
Supports Music Player, Picture Viewer, Game Player, and More Family Entertainment.
Built-in WIFI and External Antenna for Stable Receiving
Supports USB Mouse and Keyboard Operation and 2.4G QWERT Remote
XMBC Supported Full Hardware Decoding


JetStream’s Streaming Media Players seamlessly combines live TV and the best in streaming entertainment – bringing more hit shows, movies, music and more to your TV.

100,000 Movies + TV Shows!
1000+ Channels
Over 500 Live Global Radio Stations
Live Worldwide Sporting Events
The Latest Movies in HD
TV Without Commercials
All Seasons + Episodes of TV Shows
Unlimited Adult Entertainment (easily deleted for parental controls)
Network Sharing
SD/USB Memory Slots
HDMI Output
Music Jukebox
Completely Portable
Works with Any TV

It’s time to stop paying the high cable bills and give Jetstream box a try.

Read the rest of the story at  http://vincentstlouis.com/jetstream-box-review/




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Is streaming movies online illegal

Is streaming movies online illegal? NO

Is streaming movies online illegalMillions of people still use sketchy online methods to watch live and recorded TV, whether to save money or time.

“But for the most part online streaming sights from the time you type the website’s name in the browser to the time you press play, three pop-ups as well as weird, sex banners interrupt the search. You’ll also have to navigate the links carefully. Only the large, blue play button will start the video, while the others could take you to outside websites or even start downloading files or programs, which potentially contain viruses.”

In a new Business Insider/Survey Monkey poll focused solely on streaming, 14% of people admitted to streaming unlicensed content. Of the respondents who didn’t stream unlicensed content, 23% said it was because they didn’t know how, and 32% said it was because they think it is illegal. Continue reading

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UFC 183 Silva vs. Diaz FREE live

It’s almost time to watch the long anticipated return to the ring Anderson Silva in UFC 183 with the Jetstream Box you get to watch it FREE and LIVE.

UFC 182 JONES VS. CORMIER was an epic clash of 205-pound superstars who declared war on each other, as Daniel Cormier challenges light heavyweight champ and pound-for-pound king Jon Jones in the main event at UFC 182. Jon Jones won that fight.

Now all UFC and MMA fans are looking forward to Anderson Silva’s return to the octagon in UFC 183 Silva vs. Diaz

Continue reading

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