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Warning If you’r looking to buy a Jetstream READ this FIRST

Mike Hagen; before you do business with him read this. >>READ THIS<<

If you’r looking for any of Mike Hagen’s products including, Jetstream, EVO TV or their new’s ripoff BluTV. NO need to pay their high outrages price do a google search there are MUCH better boxs than the Jetstream at a much better price. Like the DreamTV box. If you have owned a Jetstream you know they do not steam very well at any internet speed less that 15,000 MBPS but even then the Jetstream buffers WAY to much. It’s all about the parts inside. The Dream TV box works great at all internet speeds. My friend is selling them in Columbia and his speed is 5,000 MBPS and the box works great down there. If you are interested in a referal on a box that works great check out DreamTV >>>>> HERE <<<<< 

DreamTV Box

Click image to learn more


This is a picture of Mike Hagens BluTV box at $249 what a joke!


This is a picture of the T95 TV Box It’s the exact same box. and YES the T95 TV Box  streams a LOT better than the Jetstream. Jetstream has a slow streaming chip. Stop don’t buy the over priced BS from Mike Hagen and Jetstream ALL boxes run off XBMC and Kodi.

T95 TV Box

Now you can get the best available box for every TV in the house without being HACKED by Jetstream and Mike Hagen.

NOTE: I am in NO way affiliated with T95 I’m just informing the public and saving you from buying from a lying thieving Mike Hagen and Jetstream.

Sorry I will no longer be selling Jetstream.

If you’re looking to buy a Jtstream Box I would recommend do a little research there are many other boxes on the market that do the exact same thing for a LOT less. Mike Hagen is a lier and the thief. I’m not sure but guessing the company is going out of business. They are OVER priced and the market has a lot of good boxes at a lot lower price. ALL boxes use XBMC and have the SAME apps available NO need to pay the high price of Jetstream. And if you are looking at their other product Evo TV what a JOKE. OVER priced and sooner of later Mike will screw you. It’s just a matter of time. Save your money do a search. If you’re looking for a good dealer of a much faster box my friend Brent sells a much better box for less.

 Good LUCK and God Bless

NOTE: If you bought a box from me I will still help you. If you need anything you have my number call me. I am a man of my word unlike Mike Hagen he owes me $1788.90 for an order i placed that he will not ship. I’m thinking the company is going out of business or something. I’m not sure. Call them to see.

I get 5 to 10 calls every day from people that did not buy their box from me. I ALWAYS helped you. Sorry call the company now. Good luck with that.


 It’s been a great 2 years. Many of you have enjoyed my great customers service even if I didn’t sell you the box. But it’s time to move on.


There are many options besides Jetstream that do the same thing and are MUCH cheaper.







It is finally here! The newest addition to the Jetstream family

Jetstream Box 4!!!!

Yes it is Here… StLouis Medea Group Presents
The Fastest Media Box Ever, The FREE TV JetStream 4.
This new Jetstream Box 4 is 4K TV Ready, 3 D gaming capable, & Custom Software Designed from the ground up…
We are always on the cutting edge.
NOW 2 Great Models , to Serve you even better than ever.

The original Jetstream Box is and will always be a BIG hit, but now you have two to choose from. The Jetstream 4 will be a little higher priced, but is well worth the extra money for the person that needs the best and the fastest. Call me for special introductory pricing.

Jetstream Box 4

Introduction to Jetstream Box


JetStream’s Streaming Media Players seamlessly combines live TV and the best in streaming entertainment – bringing more hit shows, movies, music and more to your TV.

  • 100,000 Movies + TV Shows!
  • 1000+ Channels
  • Over 500 Live Global Radio Stations
  • Live Worldwide Sporting Events
  • The Latest Movies in HD
  • TV Without Commercials
  • All Seasons + Episodes of TV Shows
  • Unlimited Adult Entertainment (easily deleted for parental controls) 
  • Network Sharing
  • SD/USB Memory Slots
  • HDMI Output
  • Music Jukebox
  • Completely Portable
  • Works with Any TV
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